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Hi I'm Stefano and I have been playing the accordion since 1978. I started when I was very young, playing first with this fantastic instrument and then over the years to study and apply myself more seriously. Mine is a field training; I did not do academic studies other than as a privatist (in short: a half-ignorant with a decent dowry!)

I have played everything from Classical to Blues, from Choro to Flamenco, from Tango to Tango (I wanted to write Gezz, but "nun so capace de sonàllo" ...)

I am an old “Avanzo di Balera”, for more than 20 years I have made many people dance and have fun in Dancing, I can certainly say that I have done the famous mess; then from the early 2000s I became less interested in entertainment and started working with some theater companies, including Il Piccolo di Milano and La Compagnia della Luna. At the same time, in those years, I had my own recording studio, I experienced a lot, thanks to that experience made up of vain attempts and endless nights, today I know how to create my music independently.

In recent years I have also made myself known in the Pop environment, I have been recording shifts with various artists, some also very well known ... Fabio Frizzi, Nicola Piovani, Pippo Caruso, Fiorella Mannoia, Gianluca Grignani, Gianni Togni and Gino Vannelli, producer of a record for Massimo Ranieri. I worked with Ranieri for many years and I certainly owe my fame to him; we played hundreds of concerts in Italy and abroad and we participated in Rai programs produced by Bibi Ballandi.

Today, after these many experiences, I dedicate more time to my projects and my music which I take care of every day with passion, dedication and a lot of love. Well what about? Many thanks to you who entered my page and had the interest and / or curiosity to read up to here ... Let's keep in touch (actually, as the cool ones say: STAY TUNED)

Watch here: Live Project
...and here: Adolescenza Inquieta
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My projects


With Michele Ascolese (guitar)

Incanto delle voci

With Isabella Alfano (voice)

Duo D'Autore

With Luigi Maio (Piano)

Ed io tra di voi

With Massimo Carrano (cymbals, Voice) Umberto Vitiello (cymbals, Guitar, Voice) Max Ventricini (cymbals) Matteo Di Francesco (Drums) Mimmo Catanzariti (Bass Guitar) Giancaro Capo (technical manager e guitar)


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